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A person optimizing a website

Website Optimization

Optimize FAST using human expertise and AI technology.

Websites with many pages would require allot hours of work from an SEO expert.

With the power or AI technology, even a website with a large amount of pages can be optimized quicker.  

team of people optimizing a website

Optimize multiple pages faster and accurately

Our AI will scan the website and provide recommendations to improve its overall SEO performance. These suggestions are then reviewed by human SEO experts, changes are made  and then once approved the AI will implement the changes.

How does it work?

With KAiDA, you'll get more than just well-crafted content. Our AI content  creator technology crawls Google and parses of all the top-ranking content to generate 100% original, research-backed articles for your website from a single keyword or URL. Our innovative AI technology allows our experienced writers to generate and edit high-quality, SEO-ready content for your website.


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