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Behavioral Analytics

Take the guesswork out of knowing what’s happening at every touchpoint of your users’ journey

Optimize your website with certainty, not assumption

A picture can save a thousand words – and a session recording can spare you a dozen emails. Harmonize your workflow and go from reactive to proactive, effortlessly

  • Let user behavior and feedback be your north star in optimization. From campaigns, landing pages to form submissions – increase ROI for every initiative. 

  • Contextualize data and test results with replays, visualizations, and feedback. Find and solve the costliest website frustrations quickly

  • See what users actually do so you can optimize functionality with confidence. Catch bugs before they spread and prioritize feature updates.

  • Capture reliable user data to back up your decisions. Embrace continual user testing across your entire site for nonstop optimization opportunities.

Image of a woman shopping online on her laptop
Let your users show you the way to more revenue


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